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Soap has been around centuries. YES a very long time indeed.

There is evidence that the Babylonians were the first ones to master soap making and made it from fats that were boiled along with ashes.  It was used for cleaning wool and cotton for textile manufacturing and then medicinally for at least 5000 years.!!

In the first century the early Romans would make soap from urine and used it within the Roman Empire, that really does not appeal to me, could not imagine washing myself in somebody else´s urine.  Glad I was not around in those days!!

The Egyptians and ancient Greeks and Romans used to make soap by mixing fats, oils and salts together.  These soaps were not used for bathing they were mainly used for cleaning cooking utensils and medicinal purposes.   This was until Cleopatra would bath in Asses Milk and use Essential Oils along with white sand as an abrasive for cleansing the skin – early day exfoliation technics.  Even today I have been asked if I make a soap similar with Donkey Milk, it has many benefits to the skin.  The pH level is close to human skin, it is high in Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, helps to eliminate wrinkles, regenerates the skin and can help people with skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.  Perhaps this is one for my next venture!

Most soap back then was made from animal fats whereas today more people are conscious of what they are using on their skin and prefer a product that is animal friendly and cruelty free.

Do you remember the first soap used in your household?

One of my first memories was my grandad would always use Wright´s Coal Tar soap, it had such a distinctive smell and my Mum would always buy Pears.  As a child growing up in London my Auntie lived in East London and when we travelled to see her, we had to drive from South London through the Rotherhithe Tunnel, when we came out at the other end, there was always a horrible smell, my Mum said it was the bone factory where they made Soap, something that has stayed with me for a very long time, a smell I would never forget!  Even now writing this blog I can smell it!  As a child all I could imagine was huge pots full of bones bubbling away and almost witch like people stirring it! think my imagine ran away with me!

There are 2 types of soap making:-

The first is the Cold Process way where fats and oils are blended together with Lye to create a soap that takes 6 weeks to cure and if not made correctly could damage your skin.  You have to be very sure about what you are doing to get the technic right when making cold process soap.

The second is the Hot Process way which is my favourite process.  By melting down Vegetable Glycerine and adding all your ingredients, essential oils and botanicals to it you have a soap that is ready once set to use.   I also find the smell holds longer in this type of soap. Now days we can be assured that the ingredients we are using are Paraben Free, SLS Free and Cruelty Free.

What do you like?  Cold Process or Hot Process

Next time you visit the shops to buy your Soap think about the ingredients or why not visit my online shop http://vidanaturalskincare.com/product-category/soaps/ where you will know what your soap is made from.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Blog, your feedback is always welcome.

YOUR skin is PRECIOUS, take CARE of it!!