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Moringa Shampoo Bar

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Moringa Oleifera is also known as the Drumstrick Tree, Miracle Tree, Horseradish Tree and Ben Oil Tree. Grown native to Asia and Africa it is now grown widely all over the world in sub tropical countries. This #SuperFood is packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, is antifungal, antiviral, can help as an anti-depressant along with anti-inflammatory properties.
Our Shampoo Bar will nourish, cleanse and soften your hair, helping with split ends and re-growth from the root.  Packed also full of Grapefruit, Lime and Coconut Essential Oils along with Vitamins and Minerals. If you are a regular traveller this would be great as you will not need anything else with you.  Can be used also as a body wash.

2 reviews for Moringa Shampoo Bar

  1. Sue Booth

    I absolutely fell in love with this from the first wash! I purchased the original oblong bar and suggested to Jill that a round one would be easier to fit in the palm of the hand. It lasts for ages the first one over 6 months and now just started my round one. Love the feel of my hair afterwards and no nasties in it! 10 out of 10

    • Jillburgess

      You was right, the round one is better, thank you for the suggestion. I am so pleased you love using it and grateful for 10 out of 10 too.

  2. Shaina

    I’ve been having problems losing the colour from my tinted hair for some time plus I was worried about chemical in the shampoo I used. With this in mind I decided to give the shampoo bar a try. Wow delighted with it in every way. It doesn’t strip my hair colour and doesn’t leave those nasty marks in the shower. Very happy with it plus my thin hair looks a little thicker as it’s a bit of a problem with me. Delighted 😊

    • Jillburgess

      So pleased it has helped Shaina. Thank you for your feedback.

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