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Welcome About Jill

I was bought up as a youngster in Brixton, South London and we were lucky enough to have a house with a back garden.  I remember my mum always planted Roses and I would be in the garden making up lotions and potions and saying to my Mum, “look what I´ve made for you”, bless her she would smile and say “Oh that´s lovely, smells wonderful”.

So is this where my passion originally came from I ask myself?  I have always been interested in natural remedies and alternative therapies and throughout my late teens I worked in a wonderful shop in Regent Street called The Secret Garden where  they made all their own skincare range using essential oils, it was pure joy walking into the shop daily, especially after battling with London traffic, buses and the underground, the smells were so uplifting.  Sadly it was at a time when natural therapies were not really recognised widely and after a year the shop ended up closing down due to lack of support.  This is where my love for essential oils came from.  Little did I know back then that my journey would take me to where I am today!

A few years ago, I decided to try and source my own ingredients and start making my own soaps.  Oh the mistakes were fun!  It was great learning and gaining experience doing something new, it took a lot of research and I loved it.  So I started by telling friends and family, yes they were my “guinea pigs”  and then taking them along to local events that were organised.  My soaps were liked, I was so so happy.  My next step was to make some creams , I was starting to feel my venture growing.

I have sourced Paraben Free and SLS/SLES Free & Cruelty Free ingredients to be used in making my soaps and skincare, along with high quality essential oils, butters and carrier oils.  I am not a large corporate organisation, I am ME, I am self-taught and make small batches of my creams, soaps, scrubs, & butters , to help preserve them I add Vitamin E so you can use my skincare range knowing it is “Fresh” and not been sitting on a shelf for months.  I am now gaining a wonderful clientele who enjoy and benefit from using my range and come back for more.  The feedback is lovely, you can view reviews from clients on my website http://vidanaturalskincare.com/products and my Facebook Page it gives you an idea of what my clients are enjoying using and helps me to see what I am doing is right.  If I can create a range of products that are good for your skin, kind to the environment and smell great, I personally feel I am on the right path.

slider_vnskincareWhy did I choose “Vida Natural Skincare”?

We changed our Life which is Vida in Spanish and that is now where we live, I use Natural ingredients and I have a passion for Skin.

If you love Natural Handmade products, then visit my shop http://vidanaturalskincare.com/shop and give me some feedback on what you like and think.  Sign up to our Newsletter for top tips and information on skincare.

Thank you for visiting my Blog.  

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact me http://vidanaturalskincare.com


What do you look for in your skincare range? 

What is your daily routine?

Do you use a Natural Skincare Range?  How are you benefitting from it?


Lemongrass & Ginger Scrubbies

Handmade Lemongrass & Ginger Scrub


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