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My name is Jill Burgess , originally from London and now live in the beautiful Andalucian countryside with my husband and 2 teenage children.

I became interested in alternative medicine and natural therapies from a young age, and throughout my teenage years and early 20’s was always trying age-old remedies and almost always found great results.   As time went on my energies were focused on family life, but I constantly found that traditional remedies became more and more useful, especially having children. After finding it difficult to source genuine natural soaps, creams & body care I decided it was time to source my own products and see if I could make it myself.

Four years on I have more enthusiasm for natural products than ever and look forward to making every new batch and trying different Essential Oils and pure ingredients daily.   I have found that most people who who buy from us come back for more, sharing with us their joy in using a product that not only is good for their skin it also works in harmony with their body.

If you do choose to purchase, we are always welcoming new feedback as this is what helps us grow our business – YOU the CUSTOMER.